Oak Ridge Mustangs Enjoy Going on Field Trips

The 2022-2023 school year marks the return of in-person field trips for our Oak Ridge Mustangs. Having not attended a field trip in nearly 4 years, many were first-timers when their grade level went on their scheduled excursion. For second graders, they attended the Museum of Science and Industry to learn about a variety of scientific topics. Third graders had the opportunity to learn more about animals and their habitats at the Brookfield Zoo. The fourth graders were able to learn about marine life at the Shedd Aquarium. For the fifth graders, they got a sneak-peek at an upcoming ELA unit when they attended Cantigny Park. All of these field trips were made possible by the staff members who planned and organized each trip in addition to the parents who graciously volunteered to chaperone. Check out the photos of all the learning and fun had on these field trips!