The Little Mermaid Jr. Musical Wows the Crowds

From tryouts to early morning practices, after school rehearsals to tons of behind the scenes work, Oak Ridge and Glen Oaks students had the chance to blow everyone away with their talents. May 15 and 16 were the culmination of many months of hard work as the students performed The Little Mermaid Jr. Musical for multiple audiences. On the morning of Wednesday, May 15, Oak Ridge fourth and fifth graders took buses to Glen Oaks so they could see the inaugural performance alongside Glen Oaks third and fourth graders. In the afternoon, they put on a second performance for Glen Oaks second and fifth graders. As their final performance, the cast performed for the families, friends, and community on the evening of May 16. Each audience was impressed with the costumes, lights, audio, props, and sets in addition to the extraordinary performances the students gave. We are so proud of everyone who participated in the musical in order to make it such a great success. Special thanks goes to Mrs. Kowal-Swiech, Mr. Gesiakowski, and Ms. Garus from Oak Ridge for their hard work and dedication in creating such a successful musical. Additionally, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Baroudos, and Mrs. Ventura from Glen Oaks and Mr. Zinke from Sorrick and Dorn also helped coordinate the musical. Please enjoy the photos of the performances!